Private Label PPC FAQ's

Here Are Some Of Our Most Commonly Asked Questions From Partners Just Like You

FAQ's Are Below.  But First, Our Story

We are a digital marketing agency 100% dedicated to the world of Google Ads and PPC.


In 2012, a partner of ours asked:

"Can you handle my clients Google Adwords account for me?  I don't want to deal with Google Adwords anymore, I only want to sell it"

A spark ignited.

We created a private label division though our mother company Titan Innovations AKA Titan PPC, an award-winning premier Google Premier Partner.  What's the difference?  Nothing, it's all the same team, all done in-house...but we when you're dealing with PPC Ninja, we simply stay hidden from your clients. We've managed over 100 million in Google Ad spend, and currently manage about 20 million a year in Google Ad Spend though our MCC Accounts (Google's My Client Center).


We are the real deal, we are transparent, we don't hold on to data, you see what we see, we charge month to month with no contracts and we show you our pricing front and center ('s in the main menu).  Simply put...there's no BS and we do it the right way.


We love to align ourselves with like-minded, energetic and honest agencies/solopreneurs/designers/SEO geeks and anyone looking to offer PPC.  If we're talking the same language then let's make some magic happen.


Yes we do!  It’s our mission to stay stealth and completely hidden from your clients.  We do this by linking to your MCC account and by using a generic email address when making updates to the account.  This allows all change history and access to the account to display as a generic user.

100% of our account managers are located in North America.  We do not outsource any of the account management or optimizations overseas or to any third parties.   Your account managers are all located in our head office in Vancouver.

Since we manage hundreds of accounts each month we need to stick to getting access though an MCC account with Google Adwords.  This ensures we stay hidden and don’t require an invite or login directly to your clients account. For this reason, we must stick to access through an MCC account to ensure that we never contact your client directly for support and management.

We work with Search Campaigns, Remarketing, Display and Shopping ads in the Google Adwords platform.

We will build out the account from start to finish in the first couple weeks.  This involves campaign setup, ad copy, keyword research, keyword expansion, adgroup structuring, negative keywords, site link extensions, callout extensions, call extensions, snippet extensions (and more if needed), initial bid placements, GEO location targeting…the whole nine yards!

No, since the product feed requires updating of descriptions, prices and more, we do not manage the actual product feed through Google Merchant Center.  We do manage the actual shopping campaigns within the Google Adwords account though.

Yes, and guess what… Basic setup of remarketing is included for free!  This gives you an opportunity to look like a hero when pitching and helping your client grow.

It’s not included, but we do offer this service.  The cost is $200 for a complete and custom set of remarketing banners.  This also gives you another channel to upsell clients and make a profit if you choose.

We do!  We’re partnered with, the world’s leading landing page software.  We’re created thousands of pages and have been featured in several articles and blogs for “doing it right”.  We have low one-time design fee, then we’ll include all the variations needed to match up with adgroups for free!


Yes.  A monthly report is deployed out on the first of each month for the previous month’s data, plus a rolling report going 6 months back in the account.  This gives both you and your clients a summary of the performance each month.  It provides the “basic” information for you and your client to track the success of the performance.

The reports are deployed directly to our partners (you).  This allows you to see the report before your client, add your own notes or add it to other reports you may send your clients.  We don’t send the reports directly to clients, adding another level of “Ninja” to the process.

Our general “day to day” customer support is handled though chat and email.  This has been proven to be the most efficient way to update accounts and communicate with our partners.  Depending on the account type you are under (Large and Enterprise) an account manager will be assigned for you to review your clients accounts and performance each month.

We have a fantastic form you can complete that goes directly to the account management team.  The updates will be reviewed and we’ll let you know if clarification is needed.  Most updates are done within 3 business days.

Fees & Billing

Nope. We’ll work with any business, and any budget.  As long as the budget is in line with the CPCs and level of competition in the market.  For example a lawyer requires a large monthly budget due to higher click costs in the Adwords auction.

There’s no minimum budget.  It comes down to the CPC but really it’s what the client is willing to invest.  We suggest that your clients start with at least $500 a month for budget.  Anything less than $500 a month from a budget standpoint typically isn’t enough to have your client in the auction to collect significant data.

Everything is month to month, there are no long term contracts and you can cancel your client’s management with 30 days heads up.  There are optional discounts available for locking clients into 12 month contracts.  This will save you and your client in the long run if you feel it’s a good fit.

We invoice our partners at the BEGINNING of each month for the PREVIOUS month’s services.  For example, invoices would come out on June 1st for May’s management/fees.  We are net 15 days for payment paid by credit card.


Our team of dedicated Adwords specialists are managing your client’s accounts throughout the month.  All work is done by certified and qualified experts with experience in white label PPC and Google Adwords.

We prefer work with agencies who provide account access and transparency with their clients.  We believe that the end clients should have access to the account and have ownership of that data.  What you see is exactly what we see.  In the end, the data and account is owned by the end customer.  Some agencies “hold on” to customer accounts and we’ve found this does more damage than good in the industry.

While we won’t jump on a call with you and your client, we do offer amazing resources to help “close” your clients.  This includes auditing info, proposals, how to calculate budget and more.  In the end, a new client to you is a new client for PPC.Ninja, so we’re here to help you along the way!  You should have a basic understanding of PPC and Google Adwords in order to close your clients?

Yes!  We have templates in our partners tool set that you can use to “close” your clients.  We have resources like one page pricing sheets to sell your PPC, what’s included in the management and much more.  This way you can send your clients PDFs etc. with your own logo to help seal the deal.

While our core focus is Google Adwords, we do at times manage FB accounts for our partners.  We will only manage a client’s Facebook Account if we are FIRST actively managing that client’s Adwords Account.  In other words, yes, as long as that client does Google Adwords.

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