The Adwords ROI Calculator

Your data-driven, advertising budget planner.

Estimated Monthly Ad Spend

What will you spend per month in Google?

Enter in your estimated amount of actual ad spend per month. This does not include management fees, but purely what you want to spend in Google Adwords each month.


Estimated CPC (Cost Per Click)

What is your average cost per click?

This is an estimation of the average cost each time your ads are clicked (CPC). The CPC will vary depending on your competition and market. You can use a tool like or the tools within your Google account to get an average.


Estimated Lead Generation Rate

What % of people will reach out?

Enter in the estimated rate at which your clicks will convert to a lead (form fill or phone call for example).


Average Value of a Sale

What is a paying customer worth to you?

This number could vary on the project size or if clients pay a monthly fee. Ideally you would enter in the average value of a customer.


Lead Closing Rate

How many of your leads turn to paying customers?

If you got 100 leads and you closed 25, you'd have a 25% close rate. Enter in this number to finalize your ROI.


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