Private Label PPC Reporting

Fully Private Labeled Reporting With Your Logo

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We make reporting a snap with our completely private labeled reporting. We use ninjacat.iofor reporting, a third party software that takes your client's account data, andturns it into something more manageable to understand.

Executive Summary Report:

Review a monthly executive summary of the top KPIs such as spend, conversions, conversion rate, CPA, CTR, CPC and more.

Conversions Reporting:

You'll be able to review a 6 month rolling report of your client's conversions. Along with the spend, clicks, impressions and more to watch the conversions grow over time.

Adgroup and Keyword Performance:

See your client's Adgroup breakdown by performance, conversions, spend and all the other key KPIs.

See Sample Report


Do I get monthly reports for my clients?

Yes.  A monthly report is deployed out on the first of each month for the previous month’s data, plus a rolling report going 6 months back in the account.  This gives both you and your clients a summary of the performance each month.  It provides the “basic” information for you and your client to track the success of the performance.

Who gets the reports?

The reports are deployed directly to our partners (you).  This allows you to see the report before your client, add your own notes or add it to other reports you may send your clients.  Being a white label AdWords agency, we don’t send the reports directly to clients, adding another level of “Ninja” to the process.

Do I get to talk to anyone if needed?

Our general “day to day” customer support is handled though chat and email.  This has been proven to be the most efficient way to update accounts and communicate with our partners.  Depending on the account type you are under (Large and Enterprise) an account manager will be assigned for you to review your clients accounts and performance each month.