Part 3 – How To Start White Labelling Your PPC?

Now that you have done some research and have decided that hiring a White Label PPC partner is the right move for you (congrats on that!), it’s time to make a move and find the partner that is right for you.

So, you start your search and find… a lot to choose from. As an incredibly fast-growing industry full of digital pros who excel at getting noticed — how do you separate the song from the noise?

How Do You Choose A White Label PPC Partner?

The first thing to remember is that your White Label PPC partner is primarily there to make your job easier.

As a reminder, they do this by:

  • Providing you with a service that allows you to offer a more comprehensive, long-term strategy to your own clients.
  • Thinking big picture and designing custom services to get your clients noticed and to ensure successful campaigns.
  • Understanding how to use ad targeting campaigns and techniques like programmatic and geo-location strategies to target a wide range of real and potential customers.
  • Track, understand, analyze, and communicate campaign performance. An experienced PPC agency helps clients understand their results. It’s important that marketers work with a white label agency that offers detailed reports and can prove a positive return on investment.

With all this in mind, it’s time to do some research and start putting your feelers out. The responses you get will be pretty telling.

Your pending White Label PPC partner should be able to easily field questions related to the above points. If you are reaching out, it’s good to have an idea about what you’re looking for and to keep an open mind about what they have to offer.

Of course, the partner for you should be:

  • Knowledgeable and well-informed of their services and proposed outcomes
  • Prepared to work and forthright about their capacity and timelines
  • Have great reviews and testimonials
  • Pricing that reflects the quality of service they can offer.

Once you have done some research and gathered a few quotes, it’s time to make a decision and jump on in!

How To Onboard A Client When White Labelling PPC?

Now that you’re on board, it’s time for… onboarding! (Yeesh. Sorry for that.)

In terms of White Labelling PPC contracts, the onboarding process between you and your new partner will include a lot of information sharing. These are the steps that will sync all the systems and accounts so that everyone can get up to speed and get to work.

After the intros and the contracts are agreed upon and signed, now begins the real action. These are a few of the products and systems and steps you will need to have organized to hand over to the White Labelling PPC company.

1. PPC Account Access

Account access allows the White Labelling PPC to gain insight into past PPC initiatives. This will paint a picture of things like past campaign performance, overall website metrics, and much more.

2. Google Tag Manager (GTM) Access or Google Analytics (GA) Access

Most people know about GA, but GTM is less well known. This product makes it simpler and more efficient for agencies to add, change, or remove tracking for paid advertising. If a GTM account is not already set up, the White Labelling PPC company should go through the process of creating one.

3. Ensure Call Tracking Is Installed

Call conversion tracking is a key component in any call-based campaign or any campaign whose intention is to drive phone calls.

Other things that the White Label PPC company will want to get moving on are things like knowing/creating monthly budget amounts, any specific geographic targeting areas the client wants, and any other relevant information about past campaigns — what worked and what didn’t. Of course, the White Labelling PPC company will also need to know what the client’s end goals are for their marketing campaign.

Yes, it seems like a lot but doesn’t worry for a second. With a professional and capable White Labelling PPC company like PPC Ninja, this is all part of the process and a company like ours is more than prepared to walk you through it.

White Label Tools

Moving forward from the initial onboarding phase, the next steps will be getting some white label tools set up. This is exciting because it means collecting data, analyzing it, and making things happen.

Some of the more common tools used include:

1. Reporting Software

There are many to choose from and the White Labelling PPC will have a preference on the reporting software they like to use. Essentially they will use the reporting software to set up a custom dashboard that tracks and reports metrics from the data collected.

2. Tracking Software

Another very important software that will be used is a time tracking program that will allow the White Labelling PPC company to track their team’s hours. This is helpful for billing, as well as improving efficiency over time.

There are other tools out there that help with client management, that have SEO and marketing-related features, and that gather data on what’s said about clients online.

But what’s most important for you is that you trust that you are in good hands. The relationship is reciprocal, and the information you provide should be met with professional and timely responses.

We hope you find this 3 part series helpful in your search for a White Label PPC Agency.

If you are in the market for a new White Labelling PPC company, the PPC Ninja team is standing by to chat with you. We will be transparent and walk you through our process so that you know exactly what you are getting. And when you’re ready to hop on board with us, we’ll make the onboarding as easy as possible.